Nonprofit CRM

Giveffect isn't just a CRM that nonprofits can use. It's an all-in-one nonprofit software with a powerful and customizable Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) solution at its heart.

We're not a generic sales CRM with nonprofit add-ons. We're nonprofit-centric to the core. Every feature is built specifically to further your mission of raising more funds, managing and growing your donor base, and communicating with your constituents & supporters while removing the headache of using a multitude of complicated software systems. We've used our competitor's tools and understand the struggle.

What sets us apart is that our cloud-based Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) software for nonprofits was built from the ground up with organizations like yours in mind.

With Giveffect your organization can help you to manage your donor database and more:

  • Automatically create donor, volunteer, constituent, and organization profiles–no more spending hours on data entry
  • Track interactions at every level
  • Manage donor relationships
  • Use unlimited custom fields to track anything you want

Relationship Tracking

From donors to volunteers to members, our nonprofit CRM software makes it easy to keep detailed records on all constituents that are involved with your organization. A detailed relationship record creates one source of truth across your entire organization. Giveffect makes it easy to put relationship information into the hands of your staff who needs it, with institutional knowledge remaining intact even in times of transition.

Our CRM features a 360-degree view of each constituent, with information on:

  • Relationship length and journey so that you can track touchpoints across time and staff
  • Location
  • Giving history, even for offline gifts
  • Event attendance
  • Membership renewal information
  • Ticket purchase data
  • Wealth screening information
  • Batch entry for multiple donations
  • Duplicate Checker
  • Data import/export
  • Automated next steps to save you time entering data and generating records and letters
  • And more!
Giveffect Relationship Tracking

Your information can be categorized in a number of ways. Constituents can be entered and managed as individuals, organizations, or households as your needs demand.

The Giveffect nonprofit CRM provides a database that integrates directly with the rest of your system (from website activity to membership renewal to ticket sales), feeding the necessary information into the database automatically.

Our powerful CRM tools include:

  • Maps for addresses and gift locations
  • Automated Tax receipts and Annual statements
  • Log Tasks, Notes, and Change history
Giveffect CRM Maps

Advanced Automation

You know that personal assistant that you've always needed to manage a bunch of your tasks for you? Giveffect's CRM specializes in putting time back in your day by handling things for you. Our powerful automation engine can automatically:

  • Create and send thank you letters
  • Personalize notes and invitations
  • Craft tax receipts and annual statements
  • Create relationship records for every donor, volunteer, or member with robust custom grouping and tagging
  • Enter donation information AND handle the direct deposit to your bank

Our job is to make your job a whole lot easier, and our CRM is up to the task.

Giveffect's Software Automation Flowchart

Advanced Reporting and Instant Analytics

Giveffect's nonprofit CRM solution includes a wide array of customizable reporting options. With a custom dashboard and custom user settings, each member of your team can quickly access the reports they need to manage donations, grants, and major gifts.

Our instant analytics settings make it easy for each member of your team to see the information they need. Our systems work together to help you see and compare data at a glance without the need to generate complex reports. Imagine being able to compare this year's volunteer numbers against last year's without leaving your dashboard. Giveffect can make that happen!

Example Screenshot of Data in Giveffect's Report View

Custom Fields and Grouping

Our CRM tools automatically generate grouping suggestions for each of your records based on their past involvement or data they provide. If a donor gives at the annual golf event, then you'll be able to find them, along with the other golf registrants, with the click of a button. Looking for donors whose wealth estimates suggest they may be able to underwrite a capital project? That group is there for the asking.

And if you want to make sure you can gather those sorts of grouping data points, you can create custom fields to accompany donation pages. Then when the information comes in, our CRM's automation tools get to work, creating detailed group lists for any need. Constituents are placed into all applicable groups, making the records easy to find, and easier to use.

Giveffect CRM Custom Fields

Offline Donation Gift Tracking

We know how important it is to stay connected with your constituents, so we provide a multitude of communication options to establish and grow those individual relationships. And our powerful grouping tools can even help you to create personalized communication at scale.

Imagine it's time for end-of-year donations. In just a few clicks, you can send fully personalized notes to EVERY donor who gave last year around the holidays, with personalized suggestions for donation size. To EVERY donor. That's what we call personalized communication at scale. Your days of hand-writing those asks are done!

Spread awareness, show love, drive engagement, create loyalty, and increase action — we're with you to tell your story. Giveffect's nonprofit CRM software makes it easy to:

  • Print letters, postcards, envelopes, annual statements, volunteer applications, schedules, & more...
  • Create templates with mail merge of custom fields, computed donor, & volunteer stats.
  • Embed personalized THANK YOU videos.
  • Free automated NCOA address verification.

Additionally, we offer tools to allow you to track interactions and communication with attachments so your outreach team always has the information you need at their fingertips.

Giveffect's Donation Gift Tracking View

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We aim to be more than a simple donor management software. We want to be a partner for your nonprofit and celebrate your success.

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