Donor Moves Management

We've built a powerful donor moves management software system into our 10-in-1 platform for nonprofits.

Major Donor Moves Management System

Giveffect's Moves Management software makes it easier than ever to identify and track potential and actual major donors over time. And because it's part of Giveffect's integrated all-in-one system, each interaction at every stage of the moves management fundraising process is searchable and available at your major gifts manager's fingertips.

Our system allows you to easily access donation, volunteering and event participation history. This history, combined with wealth screening information, can help you to identify potential donors.

Once potential donors are identified, the moves management system helps your major gifts officer to cultivate, solicit and steward those relationships.

Donor Identification

You have potential donors in your CRM database already. Giveffect can help you to identify them, and determine the best way to begin the conversation.

By combining giving, volunteering, and event participation history, with wealth screening information, you can easily create a group or portfolio within your CRM.

Donor Moves Management Stages

Donor Qualification

Our automated wealth screening, in partnership with DonorSearch, and CRM tools can provide visibility into the qualifications of your next major donor.

  • Wealth and ability to give
  • Philanthropic and political activity and appetite
  • Past giving totals
  • Personal connections
  • Other affiliations

The moves management system helps you track these opportunities and make solid strategic decisions for how to cultivate these relationships.

Donor Cultivation

Giveffect's 10-in-1 platform allows you to communicate and build relationships, by sending personalized emails, letters and text messages, and by keeping notes on phone calls or meetings with potential or existing major donors.

Continuously cultivate relationships by inviting potential major donors to your upcoming events, or presenting them with volunteer or committee service opportunities. You can even create a special promo code for your gala just to ensure that your potential donor is well taken care of.

And because your moves management system is integrated with your CRM, you have a record of every past interaction with your potential donor to reflect on as you grow your relationship. This record can help ensure institutional knowledge over time, and across your major gifts staff.

Donor Solicitation

The ask can be a nerve-wracking stage in the moves management process, but Giveffect's moves management system can help make sure you have all of the data you'll need to take this step. You'll know your potential donor's:

  • Giving history
  • Volunteering history
  • Wealth Screening information
  • Events and Fundraising campaign participation

With all of this data at their fingertips, your major gifts officer will be able to create personalized asks that clearly match your potential donor interests to your institutional needs.

Donor Stewardship

And finally, with Giveffect's platform, the stewardship of the relationship with your donor will be easy to track and manage. You can use the information collected, organized, and executed using all of Giveffect's 10 systems (such as giving history, event attendance history, preferences, and interests) to continue to build a relationship with the donor to encourage and inspire future donations.

Giveffect's platform includes all of the tools you'll need to stay connected to your donors along the journey, and to encourage them to donate again in the future. A few examples of the ways that Giveffect can help you build and maintain these relationships include:

  • Email marketing: notify your givers about how their gifts were utilized and the impact, making sure they receive newsletters
  • Direct marketing: Invite your donors to every event
  • Task management: Set an automated task to get in touch at least every 3 months.
  • And more!

The best way to learn more about our donor moves management system is by scheduling a demo today!